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Check out the most frequently asked questions about BidMySmile. If you still have questions, please call us at (800) 895-0120.

BidMySmile is designed to provide you with the convenience of finding an accredited orthodontic specialist in your area without spending hours going to multiple in-office consultations. Using our "Virtual Consultation" process, you will receive multiple Bid Offers with pertinent information about your case, including costs, treatment time and proximity. Based on that information, along with a Provider Profile, you select the Bid Offer that is best for you.

Everywhere in the United States!

Anyone age 7+ considering orthodontic treatment to improve your tooth alignment and/or the fit of your teeth when you bite down.

Here at BidMySmile, one of our philosophies is that an orthodontic specialist is a far better choice than a general dentist when it comes to getting that beautiful smile that you have always wanted and deserved! Orthodontists and dentists are both focused on helping patients with their oral health and smile – and in fact there are general dentists who offer some orthodontic services – but there are many important differences to note. General dentistry is, well, just that – general. It is a broad-based area of practice that includes treating disease of the teeth and gums – things like having cavities filled, gingivitis treated, or bad teeth replaced with crown and bridge work, or even dental implants. Orthodontics, on the other hand, is very much focused on straightening the teeth and correcting the bite. All orthodontists had to first become dentists, but not all dentists are specialists licensed to provide orthodontics. An orthodontic specialist – which is the only type of doctor you will find at BidMySmile – requires additional schooling as a dental specialty. It is a very similar situation to when a physician must gain extra experience to specialize in cardiology or dermatology. Oftentimes, in fact, general dentists will refer their patients with bite issues or crooked teeth to an orthodontic specialist. To learn more about the difference between dentists and orthodontists, as well as other important aspects of your potential treatment, you can visit the American Association of Orthodontists website.


If you don’t have a strong preference on what type of appliance (braces or clear aligners) to wear, just select “Doctor Recommendation”. Primary considerations would be aesthetics, comfort, hygiene, cost, compliance and performance. You can discuss these options with your provider at the in-office consultation to decide which one is best for you.

Absolutely. This is routine for all patients receiving orthodontic treatment. It allows the orthodontist to have a greater overall understanding about your case for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning purposes. This will take place at the in-office consultation by the provider you select.

No. There is absolutely no obligation to begin treatment. However, we do assume you are interested enough in orthodontic treatment, that you agree to attend the in-office consultation from the provider you selected.


Absolutely Nothing! It is completely free to use BidMySmile.

Selecting an offer simply means you agree to attend an in-office consultation with that provider. There is no charge for the consultation and you are not obligated to begin treatment. If you do accept treatment, you are financially responsible per the terms of the provider's agreement.

Possibly. Our providers do their best to provide an accurate assessment of your treatment, however, they are working with limited information. At the in-office consultation, a full set of records will be taken, which may reveal information about your case unable to be detected from your photos. The final treatment plan and fees should be discussed between you and the provider before you sign a contract.


No. You may only select one Bid Offer and attend their in-office consultation.

It varies from a few hours to a few days, but no more than a week.

It is possible we don't have any providers in your area yet.

Everyone’s situation and decision criteria are unique. We try to provide you with ample information for comparison so you can select the Bid Offer that is best for you.


Of course. BidMySmile streamlines the process of gathering information online, instead of attending multiple in-office consultations, making it easy and convenient.

Yes, as long as you provided that information in your Patient Profile.  The provider you select is responsible for verifying your insurance benefit and will discuss it with you during the in-office consultation. BidMySmile cannot facilitate patients who intend to use Medicaid for orthodontic treatment.

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