The TOP 7 Reasons Orthodontists Should Use BidMySmile

Greg Pellegrom BidMySmile by Greg Pellegrom in Blog Sep 27, 2018

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Why It's Necessary to Expand The 1% Pie


#7: Consumers want the convenience to research and shop orthodontic treatment online

#6: Consumers want to compare multiple options through a simplified process

#5: Consumers want basic information presented quick and concise

#4: Consumers want price transparency before they attend an in-office consultation

#3: Consumers want to discuss and make financial decisions outside of an office setting

#2: Consumers want what they want and it’s time to give them what they want

#1: Consumers want to be your patients


The biggest problem hurting the Orthodontic Profession IS NOT what everyone believes it is (too many Orthodontists, GP Orthodontics, At-Home Aligners, Corporate DSO’s, Retail Aligner Stores).

It IS hands down, without question the unwillingness, not the inability, of the Orthodontic Profession to evolve and adapt to what today’s and tomorrow’s consumers want.


Not buying it?

Consider this. The US is approaching a population of 330,000,000 and the approximate number of orthodontic case starts per year is 3,000,000. That is less than 1% and here is where the opportunity lies.


Still not buying it?

Ask yourself this. If 20,000 fans ranging from age 7 to 57 poured out of a Taylor Swift concert and you were given an intraoral scan of every single person, how many would need some form of tooth alignment and/or bite correction? Now subtract 200 people from the number in your head. That would be the number of cases the Orthodontic Profession is missing out on because they are failing to reach the consumer and provide what they want!!!


In order for the Orthodontic Profession to thrive, not just survive, "The 1% Pie” must grow and that is done through AWARENESS, ACCESS, and AFFORDABILITY. The BidMySmile platforms delivers on all 3 of these initiatives.


This is the exact approach the at-home aligner market is taking and it has exploded overnight, while most Orthodontists continue to compete daily for their fair slice of "The 1% Pie”.

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