My Kid Needs Braces

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My Kid Needs Braces

There are several methods one can use when searching for an orthodontist to treat their child. Historically, the most common path would be to see the orthodontist recommended by a trusted Family Dentist. But, today’s consumer isn’t so quick to take their referral. Why is that?

It's because today…

People want value. People want choices. People want information.


People want PRICING!

On top of that, they want it quickly and conveniently. And frankly, who can blame them?

Undeniably, the traditional orthodontic practice is set up to provide exactly the opposite of everything people want!

Tradition vs. Evolution

Currently, the traditional model is designed to get you into an office equipped with as little information as possible. Then your time is spent listening to why your child needs orthodontics, how the doctor plans to treat the case and why you should choose them to get the job done. Once you are thoroughly informed and hopefully impressed, it is now time to convince you to accept treatment. You’re swiftly presented with the financial commitment required to give your child the gift of a beautiful smile...gulp! After the sticker shock wears off, you’re told that they have flexible interest free payment plans to fit your budget and are willing to work with you. What should you do? In your gut, you know you should seek at least two more opinions before making a decision.

You think to yourself, do I really want to take off work and pull my child out of school again? How much different can one orthodontist be than the next? They must all have similar fees, right?

Nope. While the average cost for braces is between $5,000 and $6,000, some orthodontists charge as little as $2,998 or as much as $10,000 and beyond.

The fee orthodontists decide to charge is based on a wide array of criteria and that makes complete sense. The part that makes absolutely no sense is how time-consuming and inconvenient it is to obtain the basic information consumers are seeking in order to make a decision.

Give and You Will Receive

We’ve already established exactly what today’s consumer wants throughout the orthodontic shopping experience (Value, Choices, Information & PRICING...Quickly & Conveniently)

Specifically, here are the 5 most common pieces of information people want to know:

Does my child need orthodontic treatment? How much will it cost? Do you accept my insurance? How long will treatment last? When can we start?

This basic information can easily be provided through a virtual consultation. Why force the consumer to plan half of their day around an in-office consultation?

BidMySmile has created a platform to give the consumer exactly what they want. We’re all about today’s consumer and more importantly, we will evolve to meet the demands of tomorrow’s consumer.

The traditional method has stunted the growth of the orthodontic profession. The consumer is ready for this change. It’s time for the providers to evolve.

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